Help with recent hardware purchase


Recently bought UR22mkll interface which it said comes with a free copy CUBASE AI, I went to the getAI Steinberg page it told me to go to and entered the code on my paperwork to download AI, but for some odd reason its gave me Cubase Elements to download, not AI. I realise Elements is a step up from AI, BUT my concern is ive also bought Cubase pro 10.5 AI upgrade (physical box) which specifically says is an upgrade from AI, not elements, so will this 10.5 upgrade ive bought not be compatible? if so ill have to get a refund I suppose, hopefully it will still work with elements, ive made a support ticket but thought I may get a quicker answer on the forums.

many thanks

Solved, the file said elements but changed to AI during set up, so is now actually AI not elements as it should be.