Help with recording drums

Have come across another problem yesterday too (already have a topic on POD Farm 2) which I would appreciate some advise on.

Usually record my drums through BFD1.5 using M-Audio Oxygen 49 - VST set up - all going very well. Have now replaced the M-Audio with a DD501 electronic drum kit. After much playing round, finally got that working fine, snare triggers snare, hi-hat triggers hi-hat etc - and all was working fine through BFD and Cubase, able to record etc.

My problem comes about when I went to mix the drum track, usually the drop down from VST automatically splits out each drum, it still does this with the DD501 but when I solo the hi-hat I get nothing. When I solo the snare, I get a cymbal. This is the split out I am referring to:

Anyone know how I can correct this so snare is the snare and floor tom is the floor tom etc? All correlate to the correct drum in BFD1.5 when running as stand alone and through Cubase, just not when I’m mixing through Cubase.


You need to assign the pads on your kit to the correct note #'s that BFD uses.

Thanks for your quick response. The pads are linked with correct notes in BFD, BFD works fine, it only goes wrong in Cubase :frowning:

You have BFD loaded in the rack and selected as the output of a MIDI track? What’s selected as the map on that MIDI track?

Sorry but not too clever with Cubase. Literally know hoe to load it up, record, and apply effects etc. I assume I have ‘No Drum Map’, I’ve attached another screenshot of where I have got this from -

I suppose what I need to do is remap where Cubase thinks it is getting each drum from.

They probably have a map at their site. Haven’t used BFD since I got Addictive Drums so I don’t recall the mapping off hand. IIRC, it differs from GM.

Thanks mate, will have a nose around BFD site and see what I can find

Im sure when setting up BFD it asks what kit etc you have… check all the presets in the BFD plugin because im sure you can easily change the setup…

But, the other thing is… cant you just do the mix within the plugin?

Thanks for the ideas. Ended up upgrading to BFD2 where you decide which drum goes to each track. You may have been able to do this in 1.5 but was much easier to to in 2.