Help with repeater style looping please

Hi there,

Is there any way to automate the “Sustain loop end” on Halion 5??

Just want to be able to do that speed up/ slow down sample/loop trick that has been done in so many tracks.

Please if anyone can help with info or another plugin that does this i’d much appreciate it.

You know the effect where it starts with something repeating then gets faster & faster til its a buzz then slows right down again. Seems to be not easy in Cubase or Halion. All they have to do is let you automate the loop end point & then the loop becomes shorter & shorter until desired length/buzz.

Any ideas anyone?

Kind regards, Codsworth :slight_smile:


Not 100% sure, but I think you can’t.
Maybe in the next version they will add more modulation destination options.

You can do it with Kontakt, if you have it.
There you can modulate loop lenght. Assign it to modwheel or whatever CC you like.

I do have kontakt, I’ll give it a go, cheers :smiley: