Help with routing master signal (dry)

Hi guys,

I am using Limiter and bunch other effects on master channel, beside I am sending that WET master signal to the RME digicheck I would also like to send unprocessed (DRY) master signal to the second instance of digicheck so I can view processed on dgchck 1 and unprocessed on dgchck 2 in real time.

I have tried sending post fader master signal cue mix in control room but no work cause I am limited only on 2 post inserts, also sending all channels individually to other stereo channel is no solution.

Is it possible in Cubase to route dry (like pre effect chain) signal to different output while your wet signal goes normally on Stereo 1&2 ?



You could use a Group Channel as a “Pre-Master”. Route all of your Channels to this “Pre-Master” Group. In is Group set the Out to your Stereo Out (with plug-ins) and use Send to route the same signal to Out 2 (Dry). Or use Summing Mode and Direc Routing to route the signal from the “Pre-Master” Group to two Channesl (Stereo Out and Out 2).

Hi Martin thanks for response, I had group track in mind at first place but unfortunately it wont work for me since while working i need to assign every new added track to that dry group and it will slow down my workflow significantly. I discovered a potential “solution” to add external effect on first insert on master chain and route it to loopback output 3-4 which I dedicated it to digicheck 2 (dry one) bit pita but it works. Maybe is there some simple solution? :slight_smile:


Do you want to listen the signal with the effects on the Master, or do you want to export it with the effects?

Ok this is what i am pointing to:

Master Out
-Pre effect signal (DRY) ====> Analog 1&2 Monitoring unprocessed signal on digicheck 1

-Post effect signal (WET) ===> Analog 3&4 Monitoring pocessed signal on digicheck 2

I dont want to bounce or to listen dry (pre effect) signal cause that will be simple by just buypassing all inserts.
I just want while I am working with all effects enabled on master chain to have option to visually monitor dry signal on digicheck or on some external analyzer.

I see. In this case my other idea doesn’t work. :-/