Help with routing on a StudioLive 16.4.2 to cubase 6.5

Having a routing issue between a StudioLive16.4.2 and Cubase 6.5. I think I routed it correctly.

Device Manager and choose the Presonus Asio. check
VST Connections and enable and label associated chanels. check
Go to chanel and associate input with correct input bus. check
Hit record. Nothing.

I turn everything on. The firmware is updated on the console as well as the Presonus Control Panel. Cubase sees the hardware and I can assign it in the device as the asio driver. Inputs look good on the console. Input levels can be seen going up and down on the Control Panel Presonus software. However, I still don’t get any audio into the system.

Here’s a video I recorded off my cell phone (sorry for quality). It’s not much, but it shows what’s going on.

I know this is probably some stuipd issue where I missed assigning something somewhere or I didn’t click a button. Any help would be appreciated, I would especially be glad if I can figure this out by sunday so we can use it.

Thanks in advance