Help with runtime error

Hi there,

is there any way to open a project with certain things turned off? Or be able to get into a project without loading everything?

I have a project that just keeps coming up with “runtime error” so I can’t get into it.

It’s quite important because it’s due for release soon.

I luckily have a 24bit 96k master file from the last time I worked on it but obviously I might want to edit it again.

Any ideas please?

kind regards, Codsworth

If you move or rename plugins or their folders, Cubase won’t load them when starting up a project.

Hi Strophoid,

Thanks for your help.

In the end I found the cubaase 6 error log in my documents & a certain plugin kept coming up in the crashes & once I removed the novation automap version of the plug it all worked again. Hopefully that’s it but thanks anyway. :smiley:

Kind regards, Codsworth