Help with saving track presets

OK, I’m having trouble locating my track presets once I’ve saved them. I create my own folder in the save presets pane, give the preset a name and tag it. When I come to load the preset, it’s there in the results section, but only there. It’s not associated with any of the tags I give it, nor can I locate the folder I put it in. So it saves it fine, but locating any of my own presets by name only and not tag or folders is a pain, and I have trouble remembering the names! I know I must be missing something obvious, but not sure what. It’s the same for all types of track presets.


Cubase stores all user presets in a VST Sound folder in your documents folder. Don’t know why the put the create new folder option in, but it’s useless. Maybe it’s for future use. At the bottom of Mediabay, you can see the VST Sound folders under the user option, make sure those folders are selected to scan.

I can locate the track preset by using the ‘location tree’ in ‘load track preset’ window and selecting user content/track preset. Then my track presets show up on their own. Or by selecting the whole ‘VST sound’ option, but then every preset shows up. I just wished there was a quicker way to locate them rather than using the location tree. I’ve added tags to them when I saved them as well, but they still won’t show up by using tags. I’m sure I’m missing something stupid, so sorry in advance. The problem must lie with me somewhere!

You can rate Presets with stars. Maybe assigning all of yours the max would help in sorting.

Thanks, that works :slight_smile: Just odd that non of the other tags seem to group the presets. But this is a work around, cheers.