Help with Score Editor / any experts?

I do a nice master rhythm part with a bass notes and cues in Bass Clef, lay out all the bars, text notes, chords and repeats and stuff. It looks great.

Then I need to do a sax part with the same format, chords (transposed) and a few sax melodies. If I copy the part, the format/layout goes haywire… all the good stuff moves.

Then I copy the song, use the same part and erase all the bass notes. As soon as I do this, the bars and all the chords move all over and get messed up. What am I doing wrong?? Isn’t there a way to keep all the layout stuff in place and add different notes?

Thanks in advance.

CPro8, Win 8.1, I7.

Without knowing more about your workflow, my advice would be to stay in Edit View, and write the cues (I guess you mean text cues?) in the project layer. Make sure that you insert the cues to the intended staff - watch the indicator at the left end of the staff to see which you are on.

I always jump ahead and use page view since I like the way things look there, but from what you described, I think my suggestion will help out.

Also note the different layers- Note, Layout and Project. Only Note and Project are available in Edit view, which might be good for learning the ins and outs of Cubase notation.

Aloha guys.

This is IMHO great advice.

Once I got my head around it, things kinda fell into place. (no pun intended) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Figured it out… I had “multi-rests” set to a number in Score Settings/ Layout. Turned it to “off”.

Just to piggy back on this thread…I’m really, really impressed with how powerful the notation is in Cubase. I’m currently using it for live musicians on a Disney show and it’s generally doing everything I need it to do, and looks great too. I used to round trip stuff to Sibelius but staying in Cubase is much faster.

My latest discovery is that I can create any tuplets I like in the score editor without effecting playback, even with display quantize set to lower values. Really impressive stuff.

Aloha G,

Nice way of saying it.

I used to do the same thing; even occasionally going back to Finalé.

But a couple of years ago Steve and Vic helped me out
and now it is ‘all cubase all the time’.

Cubase rocks!