Help with seemingly simple setup


I would like to play my electric guitar through my computer and then using garage band, play through my home stereo receiver.

The guy at the guitar store sold me a Steinberg RU12 and told me that this would do what I wanted - something very simple.

I have installed the drivers that came on the CD provided with the unit.

I have also registered, downloaded, installed and activated Cubase AI 7 and have activated that software.

I have connected the unit to my MBP, my guitar to the unit, powered it on and adjusted the settings on the unit but no sound is being produced to my stereo.

I am an EXTREME novice with this kind of stuff.

Help appreciated.


Jim P.

DId you connect your stereo to the UR12 outputs?

I have connected my UR12 to my A/V receiver using RCA cables.
I can monitor my guitar through my A/V receiver, but I can’t seem to get the sound into GarageBand (v 10.0.3) so I can use the Amps defined in GB and then play my guitar with those Amps.
I have my MBP set to use the Steinberg UR12 for both input and output.
Using the Sound preferences on my MBP, the input meter appears to be detecting the signal from my guitar, but the sound being played out of my A/V receiver is always the same, regardless of the type of Amp that I choose in GarageBand.

Disable direct monitor on the UR12.
If that’s not it, it’s got to be something in Garageband that’s not set up right. I have very little experience with Garageband so I can’t help you there. :frowning: