Help with setting up Cubase 10 Artist

Hello there!

I’m a complete beginner to Cubase, and I need help with its installation. I have been working for more than two hours on trying to install it, but every single .pdf, forum thread or video on the subject that I find, official or not, is too complicated for me to understand; I hope that you’ll be able to help me by directing me in a way that is relevant to my particular case.

Here is my concrete issue: whenever I launch Cubase (which I first successfully installed on Windows 7, verified and registered), all sound immediately stops working on my PC (for all softwares) for as long as Cubase remains active. As soon as I close Cubase, my sound comes back.

My searches for solutions SEEM to show that I am missing some Cubase-specific driver, but I have no idea what kind of driver I should be looking for, or where. I should at this point specify that the only hardware I am currently planning to use along with Cubase is:

  • a keyboard
  • a mouse
  • stereo speakers
    All of these are directly connected to my PC, without any intermediate hardware; and all of these work perfectly when Cubase isn’t launched.

Considering that I do not intend to use any other hardware along with Cubase for now, could you tell me what I must be looking for to solve my issue and where I should be looking for it?

Many thanks already for your support!