Help with setting up macbook pro for c7.5 etc

Hi there people,

I have just got myself a second hand MacBook pro and thought I would use it as a mobile rig etc, But here is the problem I cannot get any Steinberg stuff to run without becoming not responding. I know my pc in and out and didn’t expect it to be this difficult. I have installed so far mac version of C7.5 and Halion sonic mac version. Both will not run. Also have installed drivers for ur22 hardware which seems to be working but I cant access the control panel anywhere to change latency etc. Still waiting on cable to hook up my mr816csx, but drivers went in with no probs. I am a mac neub without a doubt and just need pointed in the right direction to at least get Cubase to open. Any help is seriously appreciated no matter how sparse as at this moment I have bought myself a shiny brick.


It seems the osx was corrupted in some manner. I reinstalled mavericks and all worked straight away so I am a happy bunny again for now.

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Aloha r,

Glad you got to sorted; however please take care when it comes to Apple laptops and road work.
I have had two since SX3.

The 1st a G4 with no probs but not very much ‘juice’.

The beast (at the time) in my sig has had 4, count um’ 4; mother/logic boards installed/replaced in it.

All under warranty of course but still a major PITA.

When it comes to laptops, I will never buy used or ‘refurbished’ again, even from Apple.

Luckily this last logic board has been in the machine for a while now with no probs
but I ‘baby’ it when using it on stage. (time for a new one anyway ha!)

rokster my point is:
lets hope that reinstalling the OS is the worst that will happen to that ax for sure.
But keep an ‘eye’ out just in case.

Good Luck!