Help with Sharing Files with Other remotely!

Hey guys,

So I am working with some other people on writing some songs. All of us are pretty new to mixing and all are using different daws. I am using Cubase Pro 10.5.
I wrote a song and it pretty much uses all modelers and VSTs because I use Line 6 Helix Native for guitar and Additive Drums 2, Maschine Mk3, Komplete Kontrol MK2, etc for bass and everything else. I was able to send the project to the singer who is using logic pro x as an AAF file and he was able to open everything up but all my insert effects were not on there and my guitar was just the DI sound.

So my question is what is the best way to render my midi tracks as audio and my guitar audio tracks as an audio with the FX embedded? I think that I need to render them with the channel settings but when I went to render in place with that setting it just took all my tracks and made one rendered track. Also, when it renders it makes all the audio files grey and I can’t figure out how to get them back to normal so I can hear them.

Anyways, so what is the best way to render all these tracks to audio tracks with the inserts and FX embedded to send as an AAF? And if I have two mono guitar tracks for panning left and right can I combine them into 1 stereo track? Maybe it might be better for me to make group channels for lead guitar, rhythm guitar, etc so they’ll have an easier time adjusting levels etc when I send it. I can’t include the mix levels with the AAF can I?

Thank you!