help with small matter that is driving me crazy please

Hi there,

Is there any way to click on a VST Instruments midi/recording track in the project window & have the instrument channel of the mixer come up.

It only seems to bring up the midi mixer channel. :confused:

The problem here is if you have linked the tracks in the project to the mixer you cant record midi or play the instrument while adjusting the mixer channel ie EQ or plugins etc :frowning:

Please can someone at steinberg or anyone else let me know if there’s a way to do this.

Thanks in advance for your help,


No one on here including Steinberg can help or comment on this please?? Any reply would be good! Thanks :slight_smile:

If you used instrument tracks the midi and instrument are the same track, otherwise no.

Ahhh right so if i open my instruments as an instrument track, i won’t have this problem??

Thanks for the reply by the way :slight_smile:

You can have multiple channel editors open

Correct but only as long as you keep instruments mono-timbral…if you made one multi-timbral you would have to add another midi track to feed it and you’d have the same problem.

Thank you very much Grim! :slight_smile: where were Steinberg??? Crap support, sort yourselves out please!!

Did you try an official support request through your MySteinberg account? This is primarily a “users helping users” forum.

I tried using that before & got an answer a good few weeks later! They did apologize but that didn’t help me at all.
I’m sorry but Steinberg used to be fantastic when I first bought Cubase but now it is awful & to be able communicate with them on just an acceptable level is really difficult. If the software was free i’d understand a little more but it’s far from cheap & surely they should at least be bothered to communicate properly with their customers, don’t you think??

Yeah, sure … I think.

its possible to bring up the “audio” channel of vsti instrument from the inspector…
if its multitimbral vsti with several outputs you should pre assign the correct output in the inspector…
but its more complicated and confusing.

in this image you should click on the “e” button where the red arrow point at to bring up the audio channel of the vsti
and assign the correct output of the vsti where the blue arrow point at

Hi Mozizo,

Thanks for that but I know about that, I just wanted to do it by selecting the track. I know it’s only one extra button push but when your flicking through editing & writing it would be good if you could set it to go straight to the instrument channel instead of the midi channel which I personally don’t use very often. It would just be nice to have the choice of which channel it linked to . Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

I +1 that too… it can drive crazy at times ))

Unfortunately, the pre assigning thing doesn’t persist between project open/closes. This has been an unfixed bug for many years now.

I’ve complained about this before also.
Drives me nuts w/my CMC-CH.
Every time I press the ‘e’ i get the damn midi and not the instrument…arrrggghhhh…

They should add a preference to "Always open Instrument"



+1 please. New key commands to open the VSTi audio channel and the VSTi too. Plus Ctrl and Alt clicks on the E buttons of the midi track to do the same (like Alt-Click on the E key of the VSTi’s audio channel, but on the midi).


Just an FYI in case you don’t know about this … when you click on the ‘e’ you have to option to travel to the associated tracks.

Going from MIDI to the Instrument

Going back to the MIDI track

Thank you, i will try this :slight_smile: but this effects the “e” on the channel in the project window not the the “e” in the inspector??
The “e” in the inspector already takes you to instrument doesn’t it ? ? As discussed earlier :slight_smile:

Alt-click the capital E on the VSTi’s mixer channel and and it turns into a yellow K and you see the VSTi. This is a really good feature, but why isn’t it implemented on the E in the channel settings window and the 'e’s on the inspector? Would be a nice addition for the next version Steinberg :slight_smile: