Help with #StayHome Elements Collection.

Can anyone help me with this please:

I got the #StayHome Elements Collection. registered it to my dongle , used the verification code that was was emailed to me it all came up fine on my e licencer that it was registered , i m running Cubase pro 9 . downloaded Simon Phillips Studio Drums , Rock and Roll essentials ,Beat essentials and modern jazz essentials - i also downloaded Groove agent 5 to run them .

The issue is , when i open Cubase i get the message :Some content could not be loaded .Either , licenses are missing or trial licenses have expired.

Try updating your E Licenseā€¦I had exactly the same problem, and this worked for me.
Good luck!

My understanding is that #StayHome Elements Collection is a time-limited licence for Cubase Elements 10.5, Dorico Elements 3, WaveLab Elements 10 and Absolute 4 - but not the new Dorico Elements 3.5 or any of the premium add-ons.

Absolute 4 includes Groove Agent 5 with its content bundle as well as two Groove Agent add-ons: Prime Cuts and Rock Essentials. All other Groove Agent add-ons are separately licensed. I believe, therefore, that none of the four add-ons you mention are included in the licence you have.

What David W wrote. Please stick to the products that are actually covered by the stayhome license. Everything else will produce license errors.