Help with sustain pedal and cc64

In Cubase 6.5 it worked just fine. With cc64 you should have an either “on” or “off” state. Anything less than 64 off, anything more than 64 is on. All the controller data was either set ON at 127 or OFF at 0. Pretty simple right?

But in C7, when recording the sustain pedal, I get cc64 data that is all over the place when it should either be zero or 127.

By “all over the place” I mean other midi numbers other than zero or 127.

Is there a new setting I’m overlooking in C7?

sustain is not necessarily binary!
on a clavinova for example there is a half sustain which uses all 128 levels and changes sustain accordingly!

Actually SB changed that in response to requests, one of which is here:

Yeah that’s a new feature to take advantage of half pedal data transmitted by a continuous sustain pedal. Harder to draw in for sure but really good when you consider you can use it with your sample libraries.

Thanks I wasn’t aware of this new feature. And yes, my complaint is the editing or drawing of sustain, just that it’s a bit more difficult.

Bane what sample libraries are you referring to?

I have never used half sustain.

Alot of the newer sampled piano libraries support half-pedal such as Ivory 2 and Galaxy. Most of the libraries created after 2010 do also.

This isn’t something that’s often used outside of piano music.

Is it possible to set the sustain pedal controller in cubase 8.5 to on/off like it was before in the older versions?
That would make editing much simpler in cases where you don’t need half pedal