help with the beaming

Hello Doriconians,
So i am challenging myself to engrave this beautiful piece, however I need help to fix the beaming in m11,

Hi odod!
I don’t think it is possible to have real good centered beams when the interval between the two notes is not big enough (here, a second). I don’t remember what the threshold is (6th?). Someone could chime in with a workaround — I’m thinking maybe tweaking with noteheads might solve your inverted stem link…

Hi odod,

When using centered beams in one staff i have observed that you need to have at least one note under and one note above the third line, otherwise the force center beam option won’t do anything.
Not exactly what you want but you could add a third over the last 16th in the voice where you want the beam to be centered, that way you’ll have notes at both sides of the third line and the beam could be centered (see the attached image).
You’d have to change the position of the beam in Engrave mode anyway.

Hi odod,

Wouldn’t flipping the beam work?

An astonishing number of different voices and hidden rests in this bar… :smiley:

Thank you so much folks, actually this is the one that i want but i still could not achieved it… on the example above it still missing few notes and wrong beaming
Screen Shot 2020-09-26 at 16.22.31.png
because i did this in Sibelius and when i imported as an xml everything was chaotic, and one thing that i still don’t understand is the way Dorico’s handling voice selection, a toolbar would be better i guess.

One think you must activate, when using different voices, is voice colours. It is the best way to understand which notes belong to the same voice. Apart from that, Dorico manages voices beautifully, with greater freedom and finesse than Sibelius, I think.