Help with the control room please..

Hi, I’ve just watched a tutorial and read through the instruction manual but i still can’t figure out the control room…
I wish there were some step by step how to do it for idiots like me who are easily confused with various routing possibilities.

I’m trying to rig up a talkback mic to my soundbooth, I have the mic plugged into my Yamaha N8, I switched on the control room in the VST connections, set the audio device to Yamaha N8 and device port to N8 direct out 4…(the mic is plugged into 4 on the Yamaha N8)
the problem is the mic is on all the time even if I use the green talkback button in control room…it’s just on all the time…

also the control room meters don’t do anything…no sign of audio signal when the track is playing…but the track is actually playing through the monitors…

I know I’ve gone wrong somewhere :blush:
could someone put me right please… :slight_smile:

thanks, Kevin

Hi Kevin,

For the Talkback mic, you have to use the dedicatedTalkback bus, which you can find in the VST Connections > Studio > Add Bus. The Talkback bus us an input[/ bus, not the output. So select the Input, where is your mic connected to.

Then, it should work as expected, I would guess.

thanks, I’ll look into it today… :slight_smile: