Help With the Correction Tool

I am correcting a live recording which ends up working very well in the end, although it takes forever. Why is it that when I click “detect all errors” and then click “correct all marked errors” the number of errors keeps dropping?

For example, I detect all errors, correct all marked errors and the number of errors is say, 300. Then, I detect all errors again, correct all marked errors again and the number of errors drops to say, 240. Basically, I have to keep clicking on detect all errors and correct all marked errors until the number of errors stops dropping in value. This can take 15 minutes for only a 20 second portion of the track. I have over 15 tracts that average 5 minutes each!

I just dont understand why I have to keep detecting and correcting all the errors. Why can’t I just detect all the errors and correct them one time? Why do the number of errors keep dropping? Like I said, at some point the number of errors stops dropping and then I know it can’t be corrected anymore. Although, this takes forever. Also, this has nothing to do with the sensitivity setting. The number of errors keep dropping with any sensitivity setting.

Are all these real errors? I doubt it. The system report possible errors that have to be humanly checked (unless you know your recording is really bad).

Yes, these are real errors. The recording is very bad with lots of clicks, pops clipping. Either way, why do the number of errors keep dropping? Why can’t I just detect and correct the errors one time?

The longer I work on a track the slower Wavelab 11 Pro responds. There is no way I can get through a 4-minute track. For example, I have only corrected 20 seconds of the track and there is already a 5 second delay each time I detect/correct the errors. If I were to continue on, by the time I got near the end, there would probably be a 2-minute delay each time. There is no way I can do this.

Therefore, I’m thinking of rendering the .WAV file at a certain point, (when Wavelab starts reacting slow) and then continue where I left off. However, this would mean I would need to render the same file about 20 times to finish. Is it okay to render a .WAV file multiple times? Any setting I should be aware of when rendering a file multiple times?

Save or Render? You can save it with the same name, but rendering requires a different name.
Anyway, either saving or rendering multiple time does not change the audio, provided there is no effect involved.

Yes, I’m rendering the file with a different name. Either way, you don’t lose any quality when saving/rendering a .wav file multiple times?

No, you don’t loose quality if you save with the same resolution as the source, eg. 24 bit to 24 bit.

Thank you!