Help with the Line Tool in the Drum Editor

Hey guys…I tried searching here and google to no avail.

I’m trying to use the line tool to draw in a sequence of notes whether in a straight line or diagonally in the drum editor but nothing happens. Obviously I can draw in the notes in a straight line on a single drum sound with the drumstick, so that’s not so much the issue. It works in the regular key editor, but not when a drum editor has been selected. In the manual it says:

• The Drum Editor has a Drumstick tool (for entering and removing notes) and a Line tool with various line and curve modes (for drawing several notes in one go or editing controller events).
These tools replace the Pencil tool.

Am I doing something wrong here or misunderstanding the concept? This is on 6.5.4 on OS X Lion in both 32 and 64 bit. Thanks in advance for your help!

anyone have any insight on this?


Yes, you are right, the Line tool doesn’t work. But if you want to insert series of notes, use the Drumstick tool. You don’t need to click on every single position. Just click (not release) by left button of mouse, and move your mouse right. It will make sequence of notes. Then release the mouse-left-button.

The density depends on the Grid settings.

Thanks Martin… I appreciate the clarification. That’s how I’ve been doing so far. Just came up with a new method for some drum stuff so if I really need to, I’ll draw it in first on the piano before switching the drum map on.