Help with timewarpping

Hi Friends,

I am trying to generate a tempo map so that an imported piano midi (which has a steady tempo) can match an audio file performed by a musician (which does not have a steady tempo). What is the best way to do this? I have tried to generate hotpoints through the audio sample editor, created markers from all hotpoints, then I do not know how to proceed, after hours of trials. I can’t generate a tempo event from a marker, even with [shift] clicking. I set the snap option to event snap.

I am hoping that I can do the following: click and drag a spot somewhere (representing the spot where the tempo is off in the midi track) to a new spot (for example, a matching musical note in the audio track), and a new tempo will be generated for that spot. Then I will click and drag the next spot until all are fixed.

Your suggestion will deeply be appreciated.

Sorry, I meant ‘hitpoints’, not ‘hotpoint’.