Help with tuplets

I can’t get it to work - please can someone explain to me step by step how I can enter the part outlined in red?

Help would be much appreciated.

Start note entry, duration value 1/32. Invoke tuplet (press "; ", or it might be shift “:” on your keyboard) and type 6:4 (enter).
Enter your notes (change the duration value for the 1/64s) for just the 1st tuplet.
Select the final 4 notes of the tuplet and right-click>beaming>beam together, then flip (F).
Select the tuplet number, change the tuplet property to remove the bracket.
Select the 1st and last note of the tuplet and slur (S).

Finally, select the whole tuplet and hit R 3 times. Select the 1st note of the 2nd tuplet, invoke note entry and Lock duration (L). Enter the new pitches.

Thank you so much!