Help with update

Okay, so go ahead and roll your eyes at me now, because I’m probably an idiot. However, I have an issue and I don’t know if it is yet resolved and I’m hoping some geniuses can help me with it. I HAD Cubase Le IA 8 that came with my Steinberg 242. I wanted to upgrade to Cubase 9.5 elements. So, I paid the $50 and downloaded the upgrade. I registered my activation code through my soft elicenser and opened Cubase only to see that it still says Cubase 8.04.??? It also says Cubase Elements 8 on the opening loading screen. It ALSO says that there are now two plugins that are no longer supported (VST something, and a drum kit) and it never said that before I attempted the update. So, have I done something wrong? I’m assuming that since I click on the “about Cubase” link and it still says Cubase Elements 8, that I haven’t actually updated anything. Or have I? Any help would be great. Clearly, I’m no professional.

Hi and welcome,

To find, what license do you have, open eLCC application. This is the only one place, where you can see for sure.

For Cubase 9.5 Elements, you have to download the full installer of Cubase Elements 9.5 and install it. It’s not like an upgrade from Cubase AI to Cubase Elements. To me it seems, you already have the Elements 9.5 license, so you can start Cubase Elements 8 (instead of original Cubase AI 8), but you didn’t download and install 9.5 version.