Help with using the forum

Hi everyone, I know this is a little Off Topic but has anyone any advice on an efficient way to use this forum please? Today there are threads I haven’t seen before below one I have read lots of times. Last week I replied to someone elses post which then later prompted someone else to reply also, but included a question to me. I didn’t know they’d added to it so they must think me very rude for not answering.

If anyone thinks they could quickly drop some tips I’d be grateful.


Sorry, but no. I find it a very inefficient way of trying to understand how to master Dorico,. You have to look at everything that was posted after your last visit, everytime, and I often have no clue what the subject line means…



It is fairly chaotic, partly because there are a lot of threads on similar topics but with different titles. Sometimes this arises from translation difficulties, but otherwise perhaps people do not use the search function to find a thread and just start a new one. Another difficulty is long threads raising many different topics.

The “sort by” spin window might help in finding what you want to see. It might just give you the same chaos but in a different order.

Michael Aves

When you log in, you can use the different colors of the icons at the left of the treads titles.
If they are red, it means you have not read them, or that new replies have been added that you have not read yet.
If there is a little star in the icon, it means you have written at least one reply in it.
If you click on the really tiny icon just at the left of the title, you jump directly to the first reply you have not read, this saves me A LOT of time.
You can search for specific words using the “+” sign. It is not as efficient as I would wish, but has helped me a lot. In the search field, start with typing +dorico and then one or two words that should be included in what you are looking for. If you have a problem with forced beams, for instance, write +dorico +forced +beams in the search field and you should find an appropriate set of threads about that subject.
Hope it helps !

Great, thanks everyone

Look up the topic titled “forum search” (in this case it works best if you type these two words in the simple search box). There is a discussion about searching this forum. It behaves quite peculiar…