Help with velocity problem

Hi there. I’m attaching a pic of my MIDI editing because I have a problem with velocities. Here you can see how a midi note of 46 is almost not seen in the editing area. I have to maximice the editing area a lot to see velocity values under 60. Any idea how to fix it? It’s very annoying…Thanks so much.
velocity problem.JPG

Hello? Nobody has a clue of what’s going on…please :slight_smile:

Other than trashing your Cubase Preferences (app data) folder, I really can’t think of anything… never seen that behavior before! Does it happen on all MIDI tracks, in all Projects?

Is there a scrollbar somewhere? It looks like the bottom part is hidden outside your screen. If not, then I have no idea :confused:

Ah… interesting idea :slight_smile:. Here (on Mac), the CC lanes do in fact have vertical scroll arrows, though I have no idea what they are intended for… the lane always shows the complete range, no matter what the track height :confused: . (the only thing I can think of, is if there is a VST Expression Map, with lots of articulations… I don’t think I have ever used more than 16, and they all show).

That’s my experience as well, but it’s worth a try :wink: