Help with vertical brackets (lines)

I’m trying to indicate a pitch range with vertical brackets (using lines and moving manually). Here is how it looks in the full score:
Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 2.31.11 pm
However, when I view the parts it looks like this:
Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 2.32.51 pm

Is there a way to not have to manually move all parts/lines in both score and parts? Perhaps there is a better suggestion for how to do this? (The piece requires a LOT of this sort of thing)


If you go to your score and open the Lower Zone (properties), is it set to Local or Global? Not sure if this will fix it or not…

One approach might be to add another note at the position that the line should extend to in the opposite direction; it won’t show a stem because you’ve already hidden the stem. You can then use the new Hide notehead property to hide that notehead. Nevertheless the line should still be correctly attached to that note, provided you recreate the line in such a way that it is note-attached at both ends.

Yes this works very well—thank you!

The only caveat is that ledger lines from a hidden notehead still show up …

Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 9.03.57 pm

You can hide the ledger lines with the “Hide ledger lines” setting in Engrave mode for that note.

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Thank you!