Help with Verve installation

Yesterday I opened Steinberg Download Assistant and I found an update for Verve. I updated it.

Today I open again SDA and I see that I have an optional installation of 8.95 GB for Verve not installed :

I open the Steinberg Library Manager and I find the installation of Verve of 8.32 GB, with the date of yesterday.

Verve works fine in HALion.

What I should do? Do I have Verve not updated?

Or the optional Installation for HALion Sonic SE is not for HALion Sonic 7, so I don’t need it?

Thanks for your help!!

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The preset container says version 2 in the Library Manager, this means it is up to date. No need to download again.
Sometimes the download assistant does show things to install, even though they are already installed. It is a known issue and my colleagues are working on improving this.
Sorry for the confusion.

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Great, thanks a lot ,Philippe!