help with video engine error

Many crashes with error about video engine- anyone else?

If you’re not doing video editing in Cubase try this, go to C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 6\Components\ and rename the videoengine.dll to, for example, videoengine.dllx then it will not load when you open Cubase.

Before you next update Cubase, it’s probably a good idea to rename it back to the original videoengine.dll otherwise you might run into problems there.



Thanks Mauri,
Unfortunately in this case I do video work as well-
This error is getting me down.

Next weeks 6.04 update has a fix for Altiverb crashes which seem to be videoengine connected so fingers crossed it will fix the other random videoengine crashes too.

Otherwise 6.02 seems to work for most people so you should probably roll back if you need to work with video