Help with VST Connect please (MAC)

hi guys!

im trying the VST Connect app but i dont understand the workflow.

My goal is to record a singer somewhere online, while im playing live here in my studio.
At the same time i need to record myself and him with video from multiple angles.
Kind of what vloggers do, but live.

Ive set up everything is OBS, but i cant use VST Connect and OBS at the same time because it takes over the system (im on MAC).

How do i do this? How can i get low latency round-trip audio while recording video?
I have more macbooks, so maybe i can install OBS on one, and Connect on the other?

And also, how can i make this SUPER simple for the singers?
I work with a lot of hired vocalist and writers, but most of them dont know how all this stuff works and not a lot of these guys have time to try different things.

Ive seen some video from Don but its still not clear to me…there are also a lot of different applications that have different names and options, some come with Cubase etc etc…


does anybody here have experience recording online with singers?


Probably not possible because of various reasons. As you pointed out, depending on the system, it may be impossible to have two applications share the same audio interface. It would probably work with PC and UR-C, for instance, but it depends on system (interface, driver, OS) wether that is possible. Even then, you may run into syncing problems.

VST Connect is not optimized for low latency realtime, but for accurate sync when recording a remote talent. It is no jamming tool at all, but rather optimized for high quality audio remote recording. In order to acheive that, VST Connect introduces a large delay between the two places. While you may be able to record yourself along with the singer, the singer cannot hear you at the same time then because of that large delay.

And maybe this helps:

thanks for your replies man, this was just not clear to me

do you know where i can download that VST Connect Client i can send to a singer to try?
on the website i can only find the VST Connect Pro app

sorry got it through a google search…

this should be easier to find hehe

Ssupport/Downloads/ Download Software, choose VST Connect Performer…how would you like it easier?

Thanks, im gonna try this today…