Help with VST Instrument hanging up cubase from loading

Hey guys, I used to have a different user name but heres my issue and its frustrating the hell out of me because I have pending client work. So about a week ago I opened up a brand new project to start writing. My template has all my buses and audio channels and folder and everything set up ready to go like most producers. I also have Kontakt, Massive and East West Play in my VST instruments disabled but ready to go on the template for convenience. I saved my project closed it out and went to reopen it. For some reason it now gets stuck on Massive when trying to load my VST instruments and will not skip over or load the project at all! Here’s what Ive tried. Uninstalling Massive. Still tries to search for it and gets hung up. Tried reinstalling massive, still gets hung up. Unchecked it from the plug in information list. Still searches and gets hung up. The project will open on my friends Windows computer which I could import the project remove massive, resave the project and go back to my computer and be good to go. Now I have my Kontakt drums mixed for pre production and in the windows computer it doesn’t have those samples or files so it asks to remove the tracks that couldn’t connect. I DO NOT want it to remove those tracks because I want the project to stay exactly the same minus removing massive but no matter what it takes the tracks away so Im at a loss of what I can do to resolve this issue. Thanks for reading the long post.