Help with VST Instrument recording Midi Data/Sound

Hello everyone,

I’m a home recording newbie and recently purchased Cubase Pro 8, Audient id22 interface, and a new PC.
I need very specific help regarding VST Instruments/Midi.

My immediate goal is to record one basic, single-notes track as a guide for singing a melody in key.
I want to do this using an included VST Instrument like HalionSonic SE.

My first newbie question: Is a midi keyboard controller required in order to record midi data/sound using VST instrument like HalionSonic SE?

I ask this because I’m able to access HalionSonic SE and produce sound through my headphones by simply clicking on the virtual keys of the onscreen virtual keyboard, but attempts to record don’t record any data or sound.

The following basic tutorial hasn’t helped me resolve the issue:

Toward the end of the video, there is basic instruction regarding how to access the HalionSonic SE VST instrument and record a performance using a midi keyboard controller was evidently used for the recorded performance. Specific Device Setup or VST connections settings aren’t explained in the video… the “keyboard player” just begins recording his part. I followed the steps, but I can’t seem to record midi data (or sound, for that matter) using the VST Instrument track or Midi track.

If it IS possible to record midi data/sound using HalionSonic SE without a midi controller/keyboard, please explain settings which may be required.

Searching Google for help led me to this information from Sweetwater, which is directed toward Mac users, and I’m wondering if these instructions may be also pertinent to PC users like myself.

How do I record VST Instruments as Audio into Cubase VST on the Mac?

1.Create the VST Instrument

2.Set the output of a Midi track to the VST Instrument

3.Program its part with the Midi Track.

4.Now if other tracks are present , mute them.(Or solo the Midi VST Instrument Track)

5.Set the Left and Right locaters on each side of the part you want to turn into Audio.

6.Go under the File menu in Cubase to “Export” , then choose Audio.

7.Set the parameters here accordingly, and choose a location for the new Audio File.
You should choose the same folder you are using for the current cubase song.

8.Name the file , and make sure “Import to Pool” is checked.

9.Now hit “Save”

10.Now look in the Audio Pool of your song. You will see the new Audio File. Just drag it to an Audio track and viola! You just turned the VST Instrument into an Audio Track. You can now delete the Audio Instrument, or use a different sound!

By the way, I am able to record actual instruments (Audio track using electric bass plugged into the id22 interface) but that isn’t helping me with the VST issue.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Bernardo and welcome to the board,

if you don’t have a midi keyboard, in order to record your melody, the simplest way for you is to do the following :

1- create a part in the HALion Sonic midi track : set left and right locators and double click in the middle, or simply draw a part with the Draw tool.

2- double click on the created part to open Key Editor

3a- Select the Draw tool and draw your notes in the Key Editor
3b- while you’re still in the Key Editor, hit the record button on the Transport Panel, or simply hit the * button on your computer keyboard, and use the virtual keyboard on the left to record your melody.

The keyboard in the HALion Sonic window in not intended to record notes.

And the procedure to export the midi track to audio is the same on PC and on Mac.

Hope it’s clear.

Good luck