Help with VST3 SDK...

I hope this is the right topic in the forum to post this question, if it is not, please tell me where it should go.

OK. I’m attempting to develop a rather unusual VST3 plugin with the latest Steinberg VST3 SDK. As a veteran programmer, who has worked in over a dozen languages on half a dozen hardware platforms, I feel compelled to say that the Steinberg documentation for this SDK is the worst I have ever encountered :smiling_imp:. I’ve learned a dozen SDKs during my career - my current project involves two other SDKs besides the VST3 SDK. But the VST3 SDK has me totally baffled.

Here are a few simple things I need to do, and I’m totally blocked.

  1. The processor needs to pass some private data to the controller. The SDK documentation states this can be done using something called IConnectionPoint, but I can find no examples and no documentation. Is there a good clear example out there I can study? Or can anyone encapsulate the solution for me in a brief code snippet?

  2. When a parameter changes value, I need to update a bitmap image (well, actually they’re .png files) in the GUI. How in the world does the controller change ANYTHING in the GUI that isn’t a parameter? This little image (logically equivalent to a PictureBox in .NET) is dependent on a parameter, but it is not itself a parameter, it’s just an image, that changes according to the state of a parameter. Examples? Code snippets? Anything?

I have other questions, but if I can get answers to these two questions I can start moving again. Oh yeah, I’m working in C++ in VS 2010, targeting a 32 bit Windows 7 environment. Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to help. :slight_smile:


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