Help with Window Issues

Hi, I wonder if people could help with the window layout issues. Compared to 7.5 I have

  • lots of lost space at the top due to the window borders
  • text is large on channel names but small on folder names and I see no way to change it
  • the transparency makes it hard to read the menu, can I turn it off?

Here is a screenshot, note it is 25% scaled as my monitor is 3840 by 2160:

you could do two things to improve:

  • Maximize the project window, that would remove the inner window border and
  • switch to Win 8.1, which has no transparency and works really well overall. Seriously. I think it’s pretty cool that they moved the menu into the title bar (same as modern browsers’ tabs for example), but it doesn’t play nice with the transparency indeed.


Thanks but if I maximise the project window I cannot have the mixer below it can I? Actually I will try

no it doesnt work because I can have the mixer over the top but clicking anywhere in the project sennds it to the back :frowning:

changing the desktop cover colour has got rid of the transparency though :slight_smile:

No, I meant just the inner window, not the outer one with the menu on it.

EDIT: I just tried, and it didn’t work indeed in your scenario. Sorry, my bad. I have one maximized project window on one monitor and the mixer on the other, so I got confused… :confused:

Not sure if this will help…
I have Windows 7. In Control Panel, go to “Appearance and Personalization” -> “Personalization” -> “Window Color and Appearance” or “Change Window Glass Color”. There is a check box to “Enable Transparency”. It made the title bar much easier to read for me.

yeh I used to have two monitors and it was good but I thought switching to a 4K would make it even better but no I think it is worse, everything is so small as you can see from the attachment below. I have the layout and colours much better but still frustrated by all the real estate lost to the window bars:

Shutting the transparency off like jaslan mentioned helps but you still see that “white haze” around the commands.

Regards. :sunglasses:

:blush: that looks hard to read the menus. I was thinking of a 4k monitor too but I guess that would not be suitable for Cubase. :frowning: hopefully Steinberg will make a pro version.

Thanks Jaslan - I missed your post

Actually that is brilliant because if you go to advanced settings you can also change the height of the window bars and text height of the font used in the titles! There is a minimum but still I have reclaimed a lot of space :slight_smile:

The GUI is a complete mess in Windows, and I don’t have the time and motivation to tell what’s all wrong and all the bugs. It looks like that Steinberg tested that gui optimization and its workflow only on OS X and not on win 7 - Win 8.1. That’s the only explanation that GUI is released in that way.

And thats is exactly problem with windows handling with Cubase, witch is not improoved in 8 Pro. Studio One 2 nail it perfectly. But there is a hope…C8 has docked Mediabay… So, maybe mext will be MixConsole, then edit windows. But to do modern “one window screen” first they need to abadon resizable mixer…otherwise it never fit to docked place.

I like the way the dockable windows are in HALion 5. Whatever you want, wherever you want it…

At the end of day one, I have to admit I’m getting more than a little bit frustrated trying to understand the logic of some of these design decisions. I mean, what other application starts with just the window title bar stuck to the top of the screen, and which can’t be resized or moved? You right-click on the title bar to maximize and the thing goes borderless and almost full-screen, blocking all other applications, and then can’t be reverted?

Seriously not getting this …