Help with working with Midi in the editor...


A question - is there anyway of filtering notes within the editor page? For example, if I play a section of chords, is there a way of only selecting the bottom notes (not dragging over them that is)?

In Sibelius for example, you can apply a filter which selects the bottom note of a chord throughout the bars you have selected - I didn’t know if there was such a thing in Cubase? I’d find it very useful for arranging out parts which I’ve played in on piano but need to arrange over different instruments…

Secondly, does anyone know if there is a vertical snap for the tempo track? When I’m drawing in tempos, I tend to spend some time fiddling around with trying to find a BPM that isn’t .250 or whatever…

many thanks in case anyone can help…



In the MIDI > Logical Editor preset, there the “Select highest Pitch” and "Select lowest Pitch

Note that this only selects the single highest or lowest pitch in the part, or selection.

In the Score editor you can use “Dissolve” and Cubase will search according to harmony lines it can find. This most closely resembles the plugins like you mentioned in Sibelius (and Finale too)

Also, check out the Context Variables in the Logical Editor. If you have chords or just notes playing simultaneously you can select them based on their vertical order (Note Number in chord - note that 0=the lowest note) This appears to have been improved since it was introduced in C7- now notes are understood to be in a chord as long as their lengths overlap- previously the start times had to be very close, if I am not mistaken.

You can also search for specific intervals (Position in Chord) in chords that Cubase knows, as long as there are enough notes for the algo to recognize the chord.


thanks for your help.

I still am having no luck though - I can only get the Logical Editor to select just the top note in a passage, not ALL the top notes. I’ve watched videos and read through the manual, it seems like it should be possible, but I just can;t get it to do it…

Any suggestions at all?

Many thanks

That’s what I was saying. In order to do what you are talking about you would have to use the “Dissolve” Function in the Score Editor.

AH! Got it. I see what you mean now. OK, yes, this certainly helps. thank you for re-explaining it. I’ve been in the Logical Editor all afternoon!

Many thanks

Yeah, the LE is super functional, but not for this.