hey all,

I’m using Yamaha MX88 with cubase 10 (up to date) on Macbook (up to date). I added Tal sampler as VST and can make new project fine- loads of tracks mixed with other tracks of Cubase plugins as well as midi tracks from yamaha. But… when I record an audio track it won’t pick up the Tal tracks. My ASIO is set to the yamaha mx88. Any ideas?




Sorry, I don’t understand your problem really.

As far as I understand, Tal sampler is a VSTi (Instrument). You can’t use it in an Audio track. You need an Instrument track.

Sorry if I didn’t explain clearly: I am using in an instrument track. I can play the performance fine- combination of VSTi tracks (TAL, HALion etc) plus my midi tracks. Sounds fine. But then I record and audio track so that I can export as a wav- and the audio track only picks up the midi and HALion tracks- not the TAL VSTi tracks. Something about my audio inputs is messed up I think- even though I can “hear” it when playing the project the audio isn’t getting all of the tracks. Hope that explains my issue a bit more clearly. Thanks


How do you record the Audio tracks?

Btw, you don’t need to record an Audio tracks from an Instrument tracks, if you want to Export Audio Mixdown. You can Export Audio Mixdown directly from the Instrument tracks.

Once I have the project set up and level w mixer I jjst create audio track, set project limits and hit record. I was told that because of my midi tracks I had to create audio to export- no?


You have to export an audio from a MIDI tracks, if the MIDI tracks outputs are routed to an external hardware synth. You don’t have to do this for a VSTis.

Ok- got it. Thanks for the help