Hi all. My apologies, but I’m a complete newbie to these computer based recording software programs and DAWs. Give me a board and a 24 channel reel to reel tape machine any day!! lol.

Anyway, I have a couple of questions/problems, and I need some help:

  1. I have an M-Audio Keyrig-49 midi controller and a Yamaha Audiogram 6 that I’m running everything through. Everything seems to work okay, until I try to set up a track. When I create a track using the VST Instruments button, the track opens and is ready to go, as is to be expected. I select my instrument using the correct processes, but what happens is I can hit all the keys I want, and get no sound out my DAW and monitors. Even while plugged in, my computer’s internal speaker will play the sounds, but nothing out my DAW. Additionally, the computer will “record” (without me hitting record on the channel, and it won’t post any recordings on the track) every key I’ve hit and play it back to me continuously. For example, I’ll just hit a random progression on the keys, just to see if I have any sound, and the computer won’t play them in real time, but in a few moments will play them back and loop constantly. The only way to stop it is to close the program.
  2. When I try to set up a track using the AUDIO button, the channel will set up correctly, with no issues. However, a constant feedback loop around 6-8 kHz shows up in the main level readouts (and maxes them out) in the bottom right of the screen, but show no signal on the track. Once I turn on the monitor function, the feedback loop comes out only through my internal speaker (same problem as above), and won’t turn off, even once the instrument or microphone is unplugged the DAW turned down, again forcing me to terminate the program.

Please help. I’d like to get into recording, but can’t seem to get past this hurdle. Once I get going I’ll be fine, it’s just this hiccup. I suspect that maybe my sound card may not be compatible, but not sure. I’ve gone through the regular studio setup tab, and no sound card shows up, so I’m set up on “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver”, and when I try to set up outputs, only speaker 1 aux and speaker 2 aux show up. And, I can’t seem to find any helpful videos online that explain these things in a nice, easy way. I’d be grateful for any help you could offer.