Help !!!

Hi, can anyone solve this ?!!!

I have LE4 registered on an old pc and have just purchased the Artist 7 upgrade which I want to install on a W7 laptop, would I have to install LE4 onto the laptop and register it again on that machine or is it upgrade license driven, ie - as long as i have a registered old version of cubase I can put it on anything I like as long as its registered to me ?



You need an installation of LE4 (no matter on what computer) to transfer your LE 4 soft e-license to the USB e-licenser, which is necessary to be able to download the CA 7 upgrade license. After that you can install CA 7 on your W7 laptop witzhout the necessity to install LE 4 first

Cheers, but now im confused ?!!!
the version of LE4 has been running on an WVISTA PC, all above board, Steinberg account et etc, I was gonna run ARTIST7 straight onto that but if Steinberg dont fully support it it makes sense to have it on the W7 laptop, what I meant to say was, is ARTIST7 an upgrade in the sense that it builds off the already installed LE4 or is it only an upgrade if you have already been using registered previous software, ie, my steinberg account tells CA7 that i have LE4 ?!!!, confusing myself now ?!!!

The CA 7 update from LE 4 software itself is is the same as the full version. You can install it, on any computer without ever having LE 4 installed on it, so it does not build off the already installed LE 4.
To run Cubase Artist 7, you need to download the (Upgrade) license. This download builds off an already existing LE 4 license. This LE 4 license is usually on a soft e-licenser (i.e. a file on your harddrive) For the CA 7 license download to recognise this LE 4 license, this license must be transfered to the USB License key that comes with your Cubase Artist 7 package. For this license transfer from the soft- to the USB e-licenser, you need to have an installed LE 4 version (otherwise there is no soft e-licenser created, which can be transferred). It does not matter, on which computer this installation resides. You only need it for the transfer to the USB key. The CA / software can then be used on any Computer, that has the Key plugged in
Hope that doesn´t confuse you even more…!?