Ok, so I just registered my Cubase AI 6, with Audiogram6. But I’ve tried recording some stuff (vocals, guitars, etc.), and I can barely hear what I recorded, because on top of it is just some sorta feedback, just going “BRRRRRRRRRRRR…”. How can I fix this? I’m so frustrated!!! :imp: Please, please, please help!


PC or mac? O/S 32 bit or 64 bit? have you installed the latest USB driver for the Audiogram? make sure it’s plugged into a USB 2 port not a USB 3 port? Have you selected the correct driver in Cubase…

32 bit, PC, pretty sure I have the right driver, checked the USB port, so that means I have to update the USB thing. How do I do that?

All right,so I checked everything about the driver and the USB, and it turns out that that’s not the problem. The problem is that the audio isn’t actually being recorded by the Audiogram- for some reason, it’s being recorded from my computer’s microphone! :open_mouth: :confused: How do I fix that?

You read the fucking manuals of both - your interface and Cubase and configure Cubase correctly, so it records from the interface instead of the onboard computer microphone.

The manuals don’t say anything about configuring it and whatnot. They just say “Install Cubase. Register for Cubase to get full version. Plug in Audiogram”, which isn’t at all helpful, coz that’s what I’ve already done-

Then go to the AI 6 manual it has further instructions on how to set up Cubase AI 6

Ah, figured it all out.