In Cubase 6 , it was possible to use CTRL + click on the ouput routing area to reach the actual channel the track is routed to . lets say i had a lead vocal track which i sent to a vocal group i just had to use the CTRL and click on the Vocal group in the output section and the vocal group pop’d up . any one knows how it can be done in cubase 7.5 ?

At the top of the Channel Settings window there are a few arrows in amongst the other buttons. The far left one, pointing left, takes you to the named input channel. The next one along, next to the magnifying glass, pointing right, takes you to the named routed output. The next two, pointing Left and Right are like the history arrows in web browser, they go back and forward in the history of which channels you’ve edited recently. The next arrow, with a multiple arrow head expands the edit window to show the full chain of output faders for that channel. You can then double click on the name box of one of those channels to see the settings of that channel… Hope this helps. I’m sure the manual will help too :slight_smile:


P.S. Actually a useful refresher on what all those buttons do :smiley:

Thanks ! very well explained :slight_smile: