Helping a friend


yes we have all been there. i am on cubase 7.5 on a mac. he was on cubase 5 and just got a new PC, win 7, 64 bit, 32 gigs ram 512 SSD drive with a couple of internal 7200 drives etc

it was made by a DAW pc company and they loaded cubase for him

i have no idea how they did it etc? but

when he open cubase it hangs on MIDI for 2.5 minutes (we timed it). it then loads and seems ok? he runs it with a yamaha n 12 and MCU and extenders

but thats it, nothing complicated.

we are trying to figure out why it would hang for that long on MIDI?

he has the discs from the company he said for cubase 7 upgrade, i told him to nuke cubase and reload it. he is supposed to do that and then upgrade it to 7.5 and see

but, when it hangs for that long on startup what is that an indication of? and is there anything else i can do to help him other than a reload again?


Contact the DAW PC company that got money for building a workingf DAW PC for your friend…

This? Computer für Audioanwendungen - WaveLab - Steinberg Forums

so we call the daw company, they actually tell him cubase is old code hahahaha

so i am going to nuke everything again and start with cubase

then the n12 - which is yamaha and fully qualified for cubase obviously

then the triton midi

and then he has a fractal ultra

mind you none of this is new except c 7.5 and his computer. all these devices have worked for year for him on an xp c4-5 setup without issues

when we take all the devices off the computer it is still 1.5 minutes to load and hangs on midi

2.5 minutes with them loaded on

his new pc has 3 monitors though? should be fine i guess

i will check out the registry thing to, there was some article where this was happening to people and they modified the register when reaper and other daws loaded super fast but cubase scanned some audio folder ?? no idea on that and i am loathe to do any registry hacking just to get this to work

any ideas would be great