helping a new guy out...


I’ve been reading the forum over the last fortnight and running wave lab 8 for the first time , my system is on a mac pro 2008 os x 10.7.5 16gb ram

the default load up was in 32 bit and i happily used that for a couple of weeks before deciding today to put it in 64 bit mode , then trouble started.

I had a session with client in another DAW and needed to reference a wave lab file with the processing. Upon load up i realised i had to scan all my VST’s and it took to long so i forced quit and restarted in 32 again. All fine … Later this evening switched back to 64 bit and my licenser broke , i didn’t sue this out for quite a while and thought wave lab was stuck authorising plugs and it started opening 30 or so wave labs all doing nothing which i had to force quit.

Repaired and transfered elicenser to a spare…

the multi instance problem there still so i trashed user prefs.

problem gone. but there are a few VST’s that won’t load each time , mainly ones from Native instruments Maschine , and others no efx all instruments and arturia OEM.

Are there any reasons why these won’t load , known issues?

for now i am going to delete all VST’s that don’t load and be happy working cause it took ages , but if anyone knows or has a similar issue…

do i need to keep VST if i have VST3 versions ?

my recording is done with RTAS AAX AU , so might as well ditch the instruments , quicker load hopefully , any tips on keeping VST healthy ( updates obv ) lemme know


In the plugin settings, you have the possibility to exclude plugins by name. You can even use wildcards, eg. Native*
It is better to use vst3 rather than vst when you have the choice.

VST Instruments won’t load because they have no purpose in Wavelab. There is nothing in Wavelab to make use of them.

Okay thanks guys