HELPthe activation code has been allready used.... by me....

well , a few weeks ago I installed my Cubase LE 8 that I got with my new ZOOM audio converter .
I used the download acces code - then i got the activation code and everything was great until I found out that my audio converter (ZOOM UAC 2) wont work with my windows 10 - so I restored my computer and downloaded everthing all over again nicely UNTIL it ask me for the activation code , well I did everything right but it wont get along - the activation failed due to the fact that well… the activation code has been already used! by me sure - but it is the same pc plz plz plz help me fast I am really hopeless (you are my hope) .

Im having exactly the same problem, but it happened after updating my windows 10, after that, when I wanted to open cubase, it said there was no valid license. Is there someone we can talk to from Steinberg who can help us to fix this???..because i just used this programm in my computer, and I have it for less than a year now! its not possible that Im gonna lose my money just like that!!..

exactly ! it is crazy .

You just need to follow the instruction here:

Specifically this bit How can I request a new activation code resp. what is the procedure for a reactivation?