Hendrix would have a problem with this axe ...

… being as his hands were so big!

http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2011/apr/13/whats-that-sound-nano-guitar :laughing: :laughing:


Hi Alexis

Yup … This immortal Hendrix Moment would have looked a bit … inexplicable, if it has been a Nano Guitar.

This Mortal Rip Off of a Hendrix Moment looks a bit … inexplicable, even with a full sized guitar.

Thanks a lot for sharing … very impressive
All the best

Hi Glyn!

That was hilarious! Should maybe be up in the “Worst thing that happened at a gig …” thread!

Hey, was that Brains on the electric guitar? :laughing:

Apart from having to play it with a laser you’d need a new sound card with at least an 80MHz sampling frequency :laughing:

Hey, was that Brains on the electric guitar?

No. Brains plays rubberised drums.

I saw Jimi play one of those at the Marquee, c. 1967.