Here come the criticisms...

First of all lovely work, excellent ideas, but some implemented poorly. I won’t bore you with what’s great and good since we’ve already plastered that everywhere so I’ll get straight to the point:

1.- Disappointed not to see condensing of divisi strings, perhaps by far the most common things to see on an orchestral condensed score.
2.- Some bits are quite buggy e.g. despite adding piccolo and flute 1 to custom condensing Dorico still insists on separating them, despite having the same rhythm (will report when I get a bit of time, just had today to test).

Velocity edit leaves much to be desired
1.- bars are so thick it’s really difficult to edit the correct note when you have many notes overlapping
2.- disappointed you can’t select a whole section of notes and just drag them up or down, like in almost every DAW on the planet…
3.- The enable independent playback of voices (switch) behaves bizarrely e.g if I want to select say, the left hand of a piano part to edit, I have to click on the switch, then Upstem voice 2, but then all velocities default to 64? So I have to deselect the switch again…?
4.- Furthermore on point 3, if I select Upstem voice 2 only upstem voice 1 plays? Hmmm…

Play window general improvements
1.- You’ve made me very happy with the removal of the extra player lanes, but why can’t we access the tools (draw, select, eraser) with the right click? It’s not like it’s used for anything else in this window.
2.- I still can’t understand the design choice to not have the same navigation methods as every other window, not to mention every other DAW? i.e. CTRL+Mouse Wheel zoom in and out, SHIFT+Mouse Wheel scroll horizontally, ALT (or CTRL+ALT) Scroll vertically. Why have you made navigation so unintuitive and difficult? And I say this after using Dorico for over a year 60 hours a week… You guys really need some Pro DAW users in your beta testing.

OK no more (for now… Wink!). Love you guys and lovely release, congratulations!

You’ve got the general idea of a compliment sandwich, but I’m afraid it was implemented poorly.


Well I used to be a College and University lecturer up north… They teach us this stuff early on :laughing:

The scroll wheel behaviour I think is a bug. If you click outside the play window it starts to behave normally. I think the play window (the part with the bars in it) is swallowing the scroll wheel messages or stripping the modifiers off them. I could do a video to demonstrate I guess…

Paul has already indicated in another thread that the behaviour of the scroll wheel in Play mode is due to the fact that, at present, the event display in Play mode uses Qt’s table view control under the hood, which has its own way of handling mouse wheel events. Of course it’s possible to change this, but we haven’t yet chosen to do so.