Here Comes Summer

Starting to get warm and I’m looking forward to Summer.

OH YEAH…like the the guitar playing in this…if your half as cool as the music you keep producing then you are one cool dude…keep on keepin on!!..Kevin

Agrees with Kevin, beautiful guitar and great sound. Keep on making songs like this, and kudus for that bass and voice combo at 3:02! Michael.

Always appreciate your comments.

agree with all the above and even with the comments below , excellent stuff .


Great stuff, Joe! :sunglasses:

Ditto all the above. The nice thing about your work is that not only is it stylistically consistent, but the recordings sound so natural, just as if I was sitting in the front row listening to this live – :sunglasses:

That’s a real drummer, right?

Thanks for your nice comments. Yes, that is a real drummer.