Here is a positive statement between all the negative

I think, that many posts are about, how poorly Cubase works. Maybe all the satisfied users are just silent in the forum. I just want to say, that I am very satisfied with Cubase 8.5.2. It is extremely stable on my system, and it eats no matter which plugin or VSTi, I feed it. I am a 100% VSTi musician. I guess, that I just wanted to say this to let Strindberg know, that I am very happy. I hope, that Cubase 9 will continue the good work. If anyone else have a positive comment for Steinberg, please feel free to post it here. Thank you Steinberg and keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

What rumlee said! :smiley:

Most people use forums to resolve their problems hence the majority have a gripe. I’m with you 8.5.20 is rock solid for me and Cubase is still the one to beat IMHO.

True. Plus if you look at the variety of threads there are a handful, often with lots of posts from the same set of folks, that really complain about how bad Cubase is. Then there are a fair amount where someone complains that Cubase can’t do something followed by posts explaining how to do whatever. But the largest number of threads are asking for advice on how to do something. These tend to have relatively few posts (asked & answers) and fade off the front page quickly while the complaining threads feed on themselves and can grow huge.

Me too. Otherwise I would not be here.

We point out Cubase’s imperfections because we love it. Like most musicians we strive for perfection, although it is unattainable.

Cubase is pretty much rock solid for me. Having started recording in an age of hissy two and four tracks, lining up tape machines each day before you even got started, and having to call a service engineer in every time something broke, I am constantly amazed by what Cubase can do reliably day after day. I’ve been with Steinberg since Pro 24 on the Atari and never yet been seriously tempted to jump platform.

Invaluable tool since 1989!

Agreed, but ‘the best it can be’ is very attainable. Steinberg just need to fix as many bugs as possible, before moving on to new features.

It’s not rocket-science, and it would silence so much of the negative vibe that oozes from so many postings on these forums.

Everybody wins. The existing user base is happier, whilst readily shelling-out for on-going periodic upgrades, and potential users don’t get side-tracked by so many reports about re-creatable problems.

Agreed. I do think that Steinberg would like to fix bugs, but I do not think it is as simple as many users think. The reason that DAW’s like Studio One and Reaper have been quoted as out-performing Cubase on CPU is they are new or relatively new programmes and have a much lighter feature list. They also have the advantage of being designed from scratch with an idea of who they wish to appeal to. I am sure that the older coding of Cubase is a beast to deal with and quite possibly in need of a significant re-write, whilst also try to keep a wide range of users with different needs and wishes happy.

The projects I work upon are not huge and Cubase handles them with ease. I have very few issues with bugs. I do however get a little annoyed with the window handling and the mixer. I look at Pro Tools and Logic, then think how lucky I am to be using Cubase. Funny thing is that I recently bought a Nektar Panorama P1 control surface which did improve my relation ship with the mixer and cut down on a lot of mouse clicking. However it did take a little discipline to use it properly as habit is a very hard thing to break. Which I guess is the problem we all have with the DAW of our choice.

It is indeed a joy to be using Cubase on a daily basis. Started with Pro 8 and have never looked back. Big projects or small ones, Cubase handles them without fuss. Thank you Steinberg.

Sure there may be specific idiosyncrasies however at the end of the day it really is up to the individual to want to learn and respect how some steps are required to get things done. The key perhaps is a “perfect” setup; hardware, preferences, controllers & all and ultimately working towards the end result using all the given tools at hand.

Recently i was given stems from a session all bounced to stereo when they were supposed to be in mono. The option to fire a nasty phone call to the studio engineer was available however, instead the experience allowed me to learn that from within the Pool, Cubase is able to convert the stereo file into a mono stream and reinsert this new file back to its original position using a new mono track. Previously i did this externally via Sound Forge and re-import manually.

Cubase being such a mature programme will definitely have legacy codes embedded; the problem comes when either users or Steiny are trying to upgrade one part while leaving another legacy; this pertains to both hard and software components. The modern cycle of components have made life spans so short that within 18 months or less hardware is obsolete. Writing software has become an almost impossible catch up task especially when companies have to weigh productivity vs sustainability. Users, being on the constant prowl for the latest hardware, may be another waste of resources as it is impossible to make an upgrade without leaving some other component legacy. The time spent could well be more “profitable” working on the music itself.

It is also the many thanks to many who have contributed here making this a great community to be in.

Agreed 100% with rumlee.

Well said. In fact, better that anything said by the two presidential candidates here in the US.

So I voted for him. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Yes… Still in love, over here! :slight_smile:

Of course I have the occasional niggle and I look forward to Steinberg’s forthcoming updates/innovations, but I think we Cubase users have got it better than anyone using any of the other companys’ DAWs.

The only time i feel irked while using cubase is when i max out my cpu… and im aware i use a “not so good” cpu…

So, yes … I’m a cubase boy all the way!!!

As a relative newcomer, I agree both that Cubase is fantastic and also with what was written here by PaulB. There are indeed a lot of bugs and unfinished features that I’m noticing, that upon research here have been around for sometimes years, so when you fix as many of those as possible then everybody wins. The software is great, indeed. Just tidy up some of the ragged ends, a few of which are major, and you’ll make a lot of people happier!

Speaking for myself, I’m not here to whine about Steinberg, but to try to help get the best experience I can with a piece of software that is already great and just needs some attention to make what’s already there as it good as it could be.

Uh-oh, I better up my game. Right now if I can achieve the superficial appearance of basic competence I’m doing well.

Well I suppose that perfection is relative and is usually one or two steps away from where we are. It is like the horizon, forever keeping it’s distance.

Couldn’t be happier!

Still plenty of love here and everything is running very smooth. Rock solid.

+1. Cubase is now very stable on my system, and I can’t remember when it last crashed. I’ve only a few minor problems that have already been brought up in this forum so I’m sure they’re in hand for the next version. The stability and the wealth of features is quite mind boggling at times :slight_smile: