Here is url for Steinberg Customer Support

This is the site to use for ordering, problems with ordering, etc. I used it on Friday, with (so far) good effect.

Hope that helps a bit -


Huh? That’s not Steinberg support.

You know, I think you’re more right than I thought I was …

It is actually for Steinberg Customer Service (not support) …

When I had an issue on Friday (dup order of C6), I trolled through a veritable plethora of links on Steinberg’s site trying to find a way to cancel the duplicate order, ultimately there was a “Contact us here for customer service” link … it goes to “”, which is what this site is.

I realize now that it really isn’t a “here’s how to use Chorder” kind of site -

initial post edited accordingly … thanks for pointing that out SteveInChicago.