Here is why we will not see Cubase for iPad...

we will not see $teinberg make a Cubase for iPad…for one reason. because they are greedy. They know it will have to sell on itunes store for no more than $29.95 or so. The prices are too low on Apple istore of software for them to want to make it. They would be forced to sell it for $29.95 or around this price and then what for their Cubase PC $400 version? it will be devalued.

It has nothing to do with hardware or processor speed or anything like that for ipad. its all about MONEY. all they will do is make crappy screen controllers and looper toys that they can sell for $29.95 on the store.

And this will be the biggest mistake for $teinberg who will not see the writing on the wall… as iOS gets bigger and stronger and the hardware gets more and more powerful and eventually (soon) iOS becomes the MAIN operating system that everyone is running on pads, laptops, phones and main computers. And $teinberg will already have been beaten by 10 other DAW companies that have already made a DAW for iOS. and then they will realise “s#*t we need to make Cubase 11 now for iOS” and it will be too late as they have already lost all the market share and will have been beaten to it. Just like they were too slow with Halion 4 and lost all the users and support and market share to Kontakt. what a complete screwup that was. i would not want to have had brought shares in Halion. (its great but too LATE).

$teinberg wake up you either make Cubase for iOS or you will fade away…accept that the price cannot be $400 forever. Evolve or die…

Someone has been drinking too much iKool-Aid. Nice conspiracy theory, though.

How odd!!!

Did this rant come from a conversation I missed?

I presume the OP is 12 years of age.

Anyway, Steinberg greedy, well how about Apple? they take 30% of the top of all transactions going through the istore…yes read that again and think about it…30% off the top of EVERY transaction. So as a Dev you cannot sell your own product direct to your public for what you think is a fair price, you have to sell it through the istore and Apple will take a huge cut before you’ve seen a penny. So if we turn that around, as a consumer you’ll probably have to pay 30% more for your product to cover the Apple tax.

I don’t think this would be allowed in the EU due to the monopolies laws and Apple/App store certainly qualify on that count.


lol, I don’t see iOS taking over the world in the coming 20 years, I have no reason to believe Apple can make their stuff the first choice for everything, for the simple fact that they charge double of what is necessary for their products.

Should change his name to NokiaDAW. :mrgreen:

Bet he’s all over the net saying the same crud.

Aloha guys,

Ik Multimedia has jumped all over this topic with
lots of hardware gadgets and software for iOS.

Most things are:
1-not expensive
2-can be useful
3-the new SampleTank stuff sounds very nice
4-it all lives in my phone.

For Steiny:
How about a small Cubase iOS VSTi sequencer
with stereo audio in and out.


This is totally feasible approach. Cubase Lite iOS with ability to transfer your projects directly to your Real Cubase. If SB wants to spend their resources there, it will happen. If they don’t it doesn’t.

But OP’s claims about iOS’s world domination and making a suicide by not following iReligion are pure cattle excrement.

But OP’s claims about iOS’s world domination and making a suicide by not following iReligion are pure cattle excrement.

Thanks, damn right. For now the Ipad is a complementary tool to control Cubase (or any other DAW). Running a DAW like Cubase on an Ipad is a whole different story (and do not even mention garbage band).

@blackout: Whatever, IOs is far from taking over the world. Get real.

in the meantime, take care. :sunglasses:

I don’t have an iPad or iPhone, and don’t want one. They are too big, too bulky, too cumbersome.

What I really want is a device that will replace iPad and iPhone. What I really, really want is an iAcupuncture iOS device. It would be installed in an Acupuncture needle, painlessly inserted into my cranium, and with a wetware interface provide me complete connectivity with a 3-D holographic display projected by amplified brainwaves. It will have state-of-the-art audio AND video. It will allow me to instantly, or even better … preemptively … to realize my full artistic potential and distribute to the world merely by thinking. I will finally be enabled to project my compositions, along with video tapped directly from my wildest imaginings (with special effects superior to Industrial Light and Magic). I want the flying monkeys to change color as they ride upon their rainbow unicorns and spread Love, Love, Love, Love throughout the universe!

I am willing to pay up to $29.99 USD to the Apple store for the iAcupuncture … as long as it comes preloaded with Cubase and there are no Blackout dates. I’ll pay another $4.99 USD for WaveLab, because I want my art to have that professional sheen.


Kids always say business men are “greedy” when really all they want is the same thing for NOTHING.
Nobody wants to pay for music any more.
But nobody apparently minds paying those kind “socialists” who sell “dope”. :smiling_imp:

Too true I’m afraid. I’ve just paid $35 for Tom Waits new album on vinyl as I appreciate the music, the packaging etc . When i was young I would save my money to buy music as it was a priority to me and had value. It also meant I was supporting in my own small way the artists and record companies who supported them.

the problem now is there’s no money coming in from the bottom, bit like the housing market here in the UK, it’s stalled because there are no first time buyers, so the whole chain can’t start. the music business is suffering from the same issue: no ones buying music and therefore there’s no money coming in from the bottom.


Yea. Pure idiocy to say that it is greedy to not want to sell a $400 product for $30.
The OP has no clue.

The O.P. kind of has a point in that were for example Cubase Elements available on IPad/Android, then it would be an excellent product since it allows playback of full projects even those made in Nuendo, it simply lacks in-depth editing of audio and MIDI, plus other restrictions such as the amount of VST’s but for some people those limitations don’t account for much if for example the idea is to record live performances or create simple MIDI compositions.

Aloha s,

Not quite in your head but heading that direction is the ‘iEye’.
(maybe one day)

Future so bright…!

I couldn’t get past the Steinberg is greedy because they won’t use the iLockin model that is the definition of greed. I almost had a brain seizure trying to follow the logic. Then I realized it was iLogic. Which is from the Bizzaro universe. It’s impossible for mere rational brains to comprehend iLogic.

The next sentence is true.
The previous sentence is false.

Did just read the SOS review of the new RME interface that can apparently work with the ipad to record 16 channels simultaneously. It does make the Ipad a bit more attractive for audio work. Personally I would never shell out that much money on what is still an inferior product than a cheaper PC.

You infidel pagan! If you believed in iGod, you would spend your money in no time :smiling_imp:


Fight the iCult! :wink: