Here With Me

A song 8 wrote and produced using cubase 5. Virtual Acoustic and electric guitars and drums from Battery 3. Piano is yamaha ivory C7 by synthogy…


“Here With Me” -


Thanks for sharing that. I like the whole thing very much. Song and arrangement are very good but the vocal is the star for me. :sunglasses:


Ahhh thanks Dave. Very kind :slight_smile:

Merry Xmas

Love the song. Great work. Don’t like the vocal tone though, it sounds a little thin and bright/harsh which is maybe the mic choice or maybe the eq. A nice warm vocal track would be the icing on the cake here.

Nice work. Thanks for sharing.

Very nice. Arrangement and vocals shine.

This is beautiful! So many little nuances in the production that I find appealing, the cymbal swells
and little string parts that fade in from nowhere, and where the arrangement drops down.
Very nice!

There are some issues with the mix. I agree that the vocals sound overly bright and brittle, even a touch distorted.
Might you have recorded them too hot? they also sound that way when the full arrangement kicks in and you’re singing the harmonies.
Also, the mix is lacking in low end, the bass and kick are almost MIA.

you -could- do what Aqualung does on ‘Strange and Beautiful’ and just add more distortion to the voice and go for that modern lofi approach - otherwise I’d suggest you retrack those vocals and rework the mix, cuz this song
is definitely a winner IMO.


Thank you so much everyone for VERY constructive and positive feedback. I’m definately nodding at many of the criticisms regarding my mix levels and also the vocals.

Do I remix? It’s tempting and I’m sure I’d improve on it a little. The way I see it, it is what is and If I were releasing it I’d repair the mix but meantime I see my time and enthusiasm better spent plodding on with my new material and hopefully improving each future mix based on great feedback here. I think thats the best way to learn by hearing old mixes and bettering the next.

Anyway thanks again folks.

Happy new year

Well, I certainly agree that this is a real nice song! Well done!
Various mix issues have already been noted by others, and…

Out of curiosity, if you’re not releasing this as such (and presumably other tunes?) I was just wondering what your intention/purpose for your songs actually is?


That is one freakin’ excellent production! Love it! Everything works – melody, lyrics, arrangement, performance. I love the vocal when it goes from the low note to the high. It’s Pop, but thoroughly contemporary.

Regarding the few nits mentioned, I agree, but – and this is a big but – would another stab at the vocals be as superb performance wise as this one? Because you nailed it on this one. Of course, since you’re using a DAW and have unlimited tracks, it’s no big deal to recut the vocal. And for the sound isn’t atrocious, but could be better. But is this due to mic selection? Recorded too hot? Other? To me it sounds like mic choice. What do I know.

Drums and bass were acceptable for me, on this type of song. They could have been stronger, sure, but isn’t that a matter of taste? Don’t give in to the “today’s sound” pressures!

Also, nice user-friendly website. I was looking for a gear list? Some us like that kind of thing. when I get more time I’m going to go through all your songs – looking forward to it. Also, I hope you stick around here, or visit from time to time… we need you.

a nice start to the year 2011 at the new Forum!

No nits here,
Enjoyed it from start to finish.

Cheers :smiley:

Can’t say anything better than that, so I will +1 the quote! :slight_smile:


Hey. Thanks everybody. Really great feedback. I’m so appreciating it and all the constructive comments for improvement.

Ita so hard when you write then program then mix then master to be having the final and most important skill-to be objectional.


Whooaaa !!!

I Love the Beatles. And this was pretty close to the best song they ever made. Luv’d it.

Few tips for mixing : do not change anything. It is just so beautiful. Loved Cellos.

Where can I buy this ?

Big thanks for sharing,

whoa… first land on the new forums… and what a nice way to start…

wonderful song… great performance… enjoyed every second… thank you for sharing that!

Nice work. :sunglasses: