Here's a Drum Machine only a mother could love

Aloha W,

In my ‘eye’ you have always been and will always be ‘Da man’!

Tanx much for that link. Kool!


Lol, that’s great :laughing:
Latency is a bit high for realtime playing though.

Oh, I just fell off my chair! hahaha :laughing:

When I first saw this, I thought that sooner or later one of those drum module companies like Addictive or BFD would latch onto this idea and present us with a UI featuring some famous drummer playing behind the kit in the same fashion as this Vimeo thing.

Then I had a vision of the “Steve Gadd Kit”. So authentic that it comes with a vintage 80’s kit complete to the last detail……including a couple of key switches that have him tie off, shoot up and nod out.

I walked in on Chuck Mangione’s dressing room once
and saw of couple of fellas in that same condition.


What Brand of Beer does this DRUM MACHINE Drink :question: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Jack :smiley: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: