Here's a song about Water

Like the lyrics in this song…good idea to write about water!! consistently good songs…keep on keepin on…Kevin

Yep indeed ,agree with kevin , great tune ,and a song about water, done with so much feeling ,wow . here in britain we hate the stuff, if we get any more of it we will be called the atlantic ocean. if i was simon cowell( :smiling_imp: ) i would release this here as a single or a commercial ,beside it been a great tune ,it would make us think about water a bit different even though it pisses us off ,great playing and vocals .

Hey thats a really cool number !! Some nice descending chords there on the middle section.

Reminds a little of “You Make Me So Very Happy” by BS&T.

Good one :slight_smile:

Thanks all. It’s funny, most of my friends didn’t think much of these lyrics.